About us

We have been producing paper products since 1996. Our main products are planners, calendars, school diaries and -planners, but we also produce drawing blocks, comb-bound notebooks, regular notebooks, coloured paper sets and many other paper products. In addition to our standard products, we make prints on demand. Our 22 years of experience has given us the skills and our clients the confidence that our products are top-notch. We apply the highest quality standards and use the most modern technology to ensure that everything that comes out of the factory is up to par. Furthermore, the satisfaction of our customers is of utmost importance to us.

Sulemees is a company 100% based on Estonian capital and our products are made in Estonia. By purchasing from us, you are providing jobs to the 30 fine employees who work here, and of course, supporting Estonia.

What is more, we are offering a wide variety of stationery and school supplies from other manufacturers. You can find our assortment of products in our online shop.

Sulemees - Your everyday companion!